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Pace Yourself For The Journey

The beginning of the new year started with a bang for me. Of course, like most of my friends, family, and associates, I had an exhaustive list of goals to accomplish. The excitement of the new year was like a brand new canvas that I could paint on by achieving personal and professional goals; however, while using my new calendar and making plans to collaborate with others, a small, still inner witness captivated me. Slowly, I was drawn to the idea that maybe I needed to start with a different way of thinking about the new year.

Life is not a sprint; it is a marathon. We must leave room to enjoy the process of living daily. Goals are great and necessary for growth and measurable results; however, living in a constant state of ambition to perform or accomplish can damage one's ability to experience the joy of daily living. This is the precursor for anxious tendencies and or depressive states. I didn't say happiness of daily living because happiness is subjective and depends on specific outcomes. Outcomes can be fluid and often are based on performance; while joy is a position, it is an anchor to hold you regardless of situations and circumstances that life so generously brings. So, take some time to enjoy the journey while you work on where you're going. You're worth it, and your mental state will thank you.

Allysa Hupko, LMSW-

LifeQuest Counseling Solutions

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