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A Matter Of Time?

Updated: Mar 26

"There is a set time for everything: a time to prepare, a time to execute, a time to heal, and a time to mourn. Some are dealing with new situations as they cross over into a new season. Others are still contending with issues that haven’t allowed them the opportunity to move forward, while for others, everything is brand new – new expectations, new vision, new people, places, and things.

Thinking about the varied layers of managing life can be a bit overwhelming. If not managed well, it can lead to a lot of stress. If this resonates with you, then taking additional steps to set yourself up to adjust to the momentum of life may prove to be a helpful tool.

The momentum of life is not easily discerned, but if you are settled and have learned the art of listening to your life, it can be understood. For instance, you were given grace to be late last season, while in this new season, you feel a gentle nudge to prepare at night and be up earlier for your days to start. Notice that no official letter was given to you to change; instead, there was a gentle prompting within to shift. This is one way that life speaks when you are actively engaged in listening and learning.

I encourage you to take a new perspective on participating in the ongoing process of knowing the time and season you’re in. Doing so can help you properly manage your time and yield the maximum return on your labor."


Allysa Hupko, LSCSW

LifeQuest Counseling Solutions

316 807-4418

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