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It's All About FOCUS

As a child, I remember that I could see, in my opinion, outstanding. One day, after complaints from my teachers and difficulty concentrating, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with astigmatism. This is a condition in which the inner part of the eye is misshaped, causing vision to become distorted. I will never forget when I put the newly prescribed glasses on. My vision was sharp, clear, and vibrant. It was then that I concluded that my ability to focus was tied to my quality of vision and that my vision was directly impacted by my ability to focus.

Focus is necessary to accomplish tasks that range from small to significant correctly. When I become restless and distracted by meaningless thoughts or worry, my focus takes a huge hit, and my productivity suffers. To solve this problem, I came up with a simple acronym. Hopefully, this can be of some support for others that struggle with focus.

F- FIRST THINGS FIRST (prioritize projects) familiarize yourself with tasks needed.

O- ORGANIZE TASKS (one thing at a time) create short and long-term goals

C- CLEAR OUT CLUTTER from people, places, and things (center your thoughts); prayer, mindfulness, and or meditation are great ways to do this mentally/emotionally. Sometimes the physical environment needs this as well, or it may need to be rearranged for a new perspective and a fresh start.

U- UNDERSTAND TIMEFRAMES & LIMITATIONS (everything cannot be done at once); pace yourself.


Don't forget to factor in resistance from without and within, which often presents as a distraction. Take a deep breath, exhale, and move step by step, day by day. You got this!!!!

Allysa Hupko, LMSW - Therapist

LifeQuest Counseling Solutions - HELPING YOU TO NAVIGATE LIFE

316 807-4418

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