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Help, I'm Not Ok

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In a world of uncertainty, one constant thing is change. Change is the catalyst for often unwanted conflict. How we manage conflict determines our level of emotional maturity and endurance. Over the last several months, the concept of emotional intelligence is under siege. The effect of COVID has been a blessing and a curse depending on who you talk to and what day it is. Through it all, I have concluded that a thorough assessment of one's emotional maturity is a more significant issue. How one deals with the uncertainty of each day is of the most importance. I encourage you to settle this in your heart and mind, " It's ok, to not be ok" it's in this loss of control that one's self-awareness can be embraced. It's time to look into the emotional mirror and see you. See you entirely. Accept you and work towards being the best you can be step by step and day by day. - Allysa Hupko, LMSW /LifeQuest Counseling Solutions, LLC

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